Package Holidays 2019 & DIY Holiday Options for 2019 Holidays

Tui HolidaysFull details of the new 2019 package holidays will be available soon. Once we have the new information we will update this page with the latest news and package holidays 2019, brochures & information.

There are lots of options for 2019 holidays before you even consider the destinations, the accommodation and when you can travel. How are you going to book your 2019 summer holiday and who with? With the arrival of the internet came the arrival of more choice and options for holidaymakers not only on who they travel with but also how they book it.

Package holidays 2019 Options

The most popular option still is the traditional package holiday where you book the flights, accommodation and the airport transfers together. This was the way it was done before the internet when everyone went after Christmas and New Year was over to the local travel agent to see what they could get. Fortunately you have more options now and you can book online and in many cases cheaper than in a travel agent. Despite the fact you can book your own flights and arrange the accommodation and transfers yourself online the traditional package holiday bookings have been steadily growing again. People like the security of having it all done for them by a reputable holiday firm and having it all done for them and that they are looked after.

DIY Holidays – Doing It Yourself

Let’s face it there is nothing difficult about booking a flight or accommodation online so it is not a surprise to anyone that many holidaymakers do this. Just visit a cheap low cost airlines web site book your cheap flights seats and then book accommodation and transfers online. If you get the flights cheap enough this is a great way to save money however if you don't, then a package holiday might be a better alternative. The main downside is if the airline cancels the route or makes a major chance to the flight times particularly near your departure date. That non-refundable cheap accommodation deal you picked up might not be such a good deal after all! Provided nothing goes wrong you will be fine like thousands of travellers before you. If you feel you could handle any problems yourself if they come up see how much it will cost you and if you can save. Be careful who you book your accommodation with as you don't want to arrive and find out there is a problem with your accommodation and everyone no longer speaks English! Usually best to book accommodation with a UK based company you have heard of or one that is a member of A.B.T.A. Accommodation site you could try include Hotels4U or Hotelopia

Make Your Own Holiday Web sites

There are travel web sites that offer you a selection of cheap flights and accommodation as well as transfers all on the one web site. This way you may not have to go to different airline and accommodation web sites. Sometimes they add on fees for booking the low cost flights as some of the airlines don't pay them any commission and the same may apply to accommodation however this is not as common. So provided that they are offering you a good deal the main advantage is that should the flights change you should have less hassle getting the accommodation changed. This however is not applicable with all of the travel firms offering this service and they will say that booking the flights, accommodation and airport transfers are three different bookings and you are not booking a package. This means that you do not have the same protection that you would from a traditional package holiday. Travel firms to try include On the Beach

Before You Book Your 2019 Holiday

Before you book make sure you are happy with the financial protection and booking conditions and in particular what happens in the event of a flight being cancelled or changed. We always recommend that you book with a reputable holiday firm and one that is a member of A.B.T.A the UK’s leading travel association. (ABTA.COM) Always check what is included in the price and check the accommodation description with the firm you are booking with not with another website. Just because the accommodation is on another web site it does not mean that you will get access to all of the same benefits/facilities. As with everything in life if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

Tui Holidays 2019

Tui holidays 2019 holidays have a great range of quality hotels that are exclusive to them. There are hotels specifically for adults only and special hotels with lots of facilities and entertainment for families with children of all ages. You do not have to accept the one hotel suits everyone option because that is not always the case. Tui holidays 2019 range also includes some great luxury holidays such as Tui A La Carte 2019, Tui Sensatori and Tui Platinum 2019 holidays. Tui Holidays have flights from over 20 UK airports and have added 29 new flights for 2019. There is a large range of Tui 2019 All inclusive holidays in a large number of destinations. Tui 2019 offers to look out for include free child places, low deposit offers, online discounts and discount codes. For more information > click here

Thomas Cook Holidays 2019

Thomas Cook holidays 2019 holidays have specific holidays depending on what type of holiday you are looking for like Tui holidays. There are hotels for families with kids clubs and large family rooms. Thomas Cook also offer all inclusive holidays throughout there range of holiday destinations. Thomas Cook also have a range of adult only holidays for a child free and relaxing stay. Thomas Cook holidays 2019 deals to look out for include low deposit offer, kid's prices from just £1, single parents offer and special pre-school family offers for families with children who have not started school yet. For more information > click here

First Choice Holidays 2019

If you are looking for a 2019 all inclusive holiday then First Choice Holidays all inclusive 2019 holidays range is definitely one to look at. First Choice offer holidays for adults only and luxury holiday options all on an all inclusive basis. The First Choice Holiday Villages 2019 range of hotels are a great choice for families looking for a good all inclusive family holiday. First Choice Holiday Villages have kids clubs, family entertainment, lots of kids activities for all ages. First Choice Holidays 2019 deals to look out for include free kids places, low deposits, online discounts and voucher codes. There are usually discounts particularly when you book direct with them on their web site > click here

easyJet Holidays 2019

easyJet holidays are actually one of the largest holiday firms due to the number of flights they have. easyJet Holidays let you add accommodation to one of their flights to make a holiday. You have the option of a beach holiday, ski holiday or a city break. For more information > click here

Balkan Holidays 2019

Not just holidays to Bulgaria but also to Croatia, Slovenia & Montenegro as well. Balkan Holidays 2019 offer low deposit offers, free child places, early booking discounts, over 60s accommodation and no single room supplements deals on some dates. Balkan Holidays 2019 holidays include self catering apartments and budget accommodation to luxury hotels as well. For more information > click here

First Choice holidays